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Office Coordinator/Accounting Assistant

About us: FTS Technology Group is a growing IT sales & service company headquartered in historic downtown Algoma in the Richmond Building. Started as a home based business in 2014 and moving into the first official office space in 2017 while focusing on constant business growth. We provide IT sales and support to businesses and homes throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We provide installations of new computers, network infrastructure, security cameras, door access systems, telephone systems, audio/visual solutions.


Job Title: Office Coordinator/Billing/Accounting Assistant


Experience/Education: 1 year accounting experience & High School graduate are our minimum requirements. Preferred candidate would have 2 years experience and an accounting degree.


Hours: Business hours are from 8a-5p M-F, for the right candidate, we can review modified scheduling after a successful training/probation period (such as schedule modification to work with children's school hours, etc).



Job Description:


1. Invoicing and Billing: Generate accurate and timely invoices for IT services rendered to clients or customers. Verify billing information, including rates, quantities, and discounts, to ensure accuracy. Address billing inquiries, resolve discrepancies, and follow up on outstanding payments.


2. Accounting and Financial Management: Perform various accounting tasks, such as recording financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and maintaining general ledgers. Assist in financial reporting, budgeting, and financial analysis. Ensure compliance with accounting principles and regulations.


3. Administrative Support: Provide comprehensive administrative assistance, including managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, and preparing reports. Maintain office records and documentation. Assist in onboarding new employees and facilitating training sessions.


4. Accounting System Management: Utilize billing software or systems to record, track, and manage invoices, payments, and customer information. Ensure the integrity and accuracy of data within the billing system. Collaborate with the finance department for reconciliation and discrepancy resolution.


5. Payment Processing: Receive and process payments from clients or customers. Monitor accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding or overdue invoices. Coordinate with the finance department to reconcile payments and resolve discrepancies.


6. Financial Reporting: Work with our CPA to assist with any requests.


7. Accounts Payable and Receivable: Process vendor invoices, verify accuracy, and ensure timely payments. Manage customer invoices, track accounts receivable, and follow up on overdue payments. Coordinate with the finance department for reconciliation and discrepancy resolution.


8. Office Management: Oversee office operations, including managing office supplies, equipment, and facilities maintenance. Coordinate with vendors, handle repairs, and ensure a well-functioning office environment.


9. Communication and Correspondence: Facilitate communication within the office by answering phone calls, responding to emails, and directing inquiries to the appropriate individuals or departments. This will also involve scheduling technicians with customers.


10. Calendar and Schedule Management: Maintain and manage the office calendar, scheduling appointments, meetings, and conferences. Coordinate with internal staff and external stakeholders to ensure availability and resolve scheduling conflicts.


11. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain organized and up-to-date accounting and office records, including invoices, financial statements, inventory, and general correspondence. Ensure confidentiality and security of financial data.


12. Team Support: Provide support to the office team by coordinating projects, distributing tasks, and assisting with team communications. Collaborate with different departments to gather necessary information, resolve issues, and improve operational efficiency.

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