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Our Story

While sitting at my uncle's farmhouse dinner table one night talking about the next generation of farming and what it is starting to look like I made the suggestion of "what if I do your IT work and you help me learn farming." After working in corporate IT for nearly 20 years at this point I had worked on anything small business networks to large corporate networks that spanned the globe I didn't have a doubt that I had the knowledge to handle whatever came my way locally.

My family is originally from Casco and Algoma areas. Some people may recognize some of my past family members businesses such as Lakeview Lumber in Algoma and many old time Algoma residents may remember the Hoffmann Sip & Chat (now City Limits Bar) in Cedar Corners. If you are wondering, yes I do still have the famous family pizza recipe from there and no I cannot share it. :)

In 2020 we were fortunate to hire our first employee and had plans of soon following with more but as we are all aware, 2020 was quite a different year but plans are still in the works to continue growing the business in 2021!



How did you get your start in IT?

I grew up in a small town similar in size to Casco. My school district in the mid 1990's didn't have a lot for technology and had one computer connected to the internet by dial-up modem in a special area of the library that had to be reserved to use. One of the problems we had throughout the school was that we had a lot of computers to sit and type papers at but then we had to save them to a floppy disk and go to a computer that had a printer connected. I started working with the school to setup mini computer networks that connected pods of computers with the "printer computer" at that pod so that any of the computers in that pod could print. At about the same time the school had a consulting company come in to look at networking the whole building (k-12) so internet could be shared and the district could start utilizing computer based attendance and gradebooks. After the owner of the consulting company saw my mini networks in 1997 he gave me his business card and offered me a job for when I graduated high school. The rest they say is history.

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