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Windows 11 Snipping Tool Update!

Have you ever taken a screenshot of vital information, only to later have to type it out?

How much time have you lost to this tedious process? There’s a better way. And it’s going to be here very soon.

Microsoft is revolutionizing the way we interact with our screenshots. Imagine being able to extract text from a screenshot with just a click. This isn't some distant dream - it's a reality that Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channel are already experiencing with the updated Snipping Tool for Windows 11.

Think about it. You're working remotely, and you share a screenshot of important data during a virtual meeting. Instead of scrambling to jot down the details or asking for a follow-up email, people can simply copy the text directly from the screenshot. Efficient, right?

Or perhaps you're researching for a crucial project. You come across an infographic packed with valuable insights. With the updated Snipping Tool, you can capture the screenshot and instantly have the text ready for citation in your presentation. No more squinting at small fonts or retyping lengthy quotes.

The new Snipping Tool respects your privacy too. It allows you to redact sensitive information like emails and phone numbers before sharing a screenshot. That safeguards your data and adds a layer of professionalism to your digital interactions.

We don't have a date for general release yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

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