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Chrome Read Aloud

Have you ever wished for someone to read out lengthy web articles while you sit back and soak up the information? Google Chrome is about to make this a reality with Chrome Read Aloud.

The tech giant is currently testing its 'Read Aloud' feature. But what makes this innovation so noteworthy?

For starters, it gives you full control over your experience. Want to whizz through an article or take your time absorbing each word? With adjustable playback speed, you can.

There’s more. Future updates will allow you to switch between various voice options, adding a dash of diversity to your listening journey. Isn't it exciting to think of your favorite articles being narrated in the voice of your choosing?

The user interface won't disappoint either. As the article is read aloud, the current sentence is highlighted, while the parts already read fade out. This thoughtful design ensures you can easily track your reading progress. And for those who might find the highlighting distracting? There's a button to turn off this feature.

Chrome is also enhancing its visual appeal. A feature allowing the browser's theme color to match the New Tab Page (NTP) wallpaper will be better. And you’ve been previously limited to images from the 'Customize Chrome' panel. Soon you can now enjoy this feature with your own images.

Are you looking forward to this one?

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